The Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Project is a non profit founded by Al Gore. We functioned as in house creative department led by Alex Bogusky.

I was tasked with working on the winter sports iniatitive: I AM PRO SNOW. We launched I AM PRO SNOW with a video series featuring professional athletes and a particularly chatty snowflake.

We did not shoot for these. It took clever cuts from 100+ hours of B-roll footage to make these come to life.

Creativity Online - pick of the day

The I AM PRO SNOW GLOBE was an experience created for attendees of ski movie premiers across the US. The goal was to collect emails and give away gear in a way that showed individuals that their involvement could help us keep snow on the mountains.. And it turns out people don't mind shaking iPads for free stuff. 

Peope had fun. Maybe turn your volume down before playing.


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