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Instagram provides easy, anonymous, on-demand access to pictures of kids’ private moments.

Hashtags like #nakedkids #cantkeepclothesonhim #NakedToddler #BabyButt #SinkBath #LovesToBeNaked are not only popular among parents, but also among pedophiles searching for photos of naked or near-naked children.

While we couldn’t simply shut down all Instagram hashtags that overexpose kids and make them vulnerable to online predators, we realized we could take over those hashtags and turn them into a powerful tool to educate parents.

Launch Video

We also launched an educational hub on Instagram called @kidsforprivacy where parents could learn how to post safely and protect their kids’ private moments from online predators

@kidsforprivacy Instagram feed

Case Study

"Consider my awareness raised,
and now it’s time to go through
my social accounts and do some deleting"


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