The client asked us to create 13 feature-demonstration videos for eight different Kia vehicles. So that’s what we did, complete with car chases, kidnappings, and a murderous crime syndicate.

Teaser Trailer

In a year without big Hollywood movies, we rolled out the Features Film like a summer blockbuster campaign. Starting with a trailer that was viewed 5.5 million times on YouTube.

Sneak Peak

Then we leaked the first 60 seconds of the story.

Movie Posters

We created some motion movie posters to tease the release on social.

The film

And here it is. In all it’s (6 minute long) glory. 


We also broke it up into series of 13 clips, each built around a specific feature.

Case Study

The Features Film was applauded by audiences and critics alike, resulting in 22.5MM views, and crushing benchmarks for ad recall, completion rate, consideration lift and blah blah blah.


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